RUTHLESS Book Cover Reveal

So, here’s the deal. Ruth came into the world today, all official-like. She has a book cover now. That means she’s a real girl.

Ruthless will be on book shelves June 2, 2015. It’s crazy exciting, you guys.

The following Saturday, I am throwing a party in the Pendleton town square and everyone is invited. You do have to buy a book to get in, though. Not kidding.

It’s going to be a lot like a wedding, except I am going to be marrying my book. DJ Master A, aka the famous Alrinthea Carter, will be spinning the tunes, there will be dancing, there will be snacks, somebody will give a drunken toast. I will be too busy to really notice anything that’s happening, but you guys will have an amazing time. It’s going to be great, you guys. Super great.

So please mark that down on your calendars! June 6, 2015. Pendleton Town Square. Be there.

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