More Beautiful Things!

Book cover for Buglette, The Messy Sleeper

Yesterday, I found beautiful things on my friend’s blog and shared them with you. Today, I checked in with another writer, and found some more beautiful things I had to share. Now, at the heart of all of these beautiful things is a picture book, Buglette, The Messy Sleeper. I’ve known about this book for awhile. It was written by Bethanie Murguia, who is another client of Mary Kole’s. I love Bethanie’s beautiful illustrations, and have been meaning to bring all y’all’s attention to this book for awhile.

But what I didn’t realize is how busy Bethanie’s been making beautiful things to go along with Buglette. In preparation for readings, Bethanie has made a stuffed Buglette to share the stage with her, along with leaf pads for the children to sit on. Look at how adorable this is! THE ADORABLENESS BLOWS MY MIND.

But she didn’t stop there. She also made rubber stamps. Look at this, people. SO CUTE. Nor did the woman even stop there. She is a machine of adorableness, churning out adorable with reckless abandon. I will stop posting links. I will simply say, go to her blog and look at all of the cute, and feel your face melt.

Speaking of your face melting off from awesomeness, check out this book trailer! Okay, I know this post has about four thousand links in it. If you click on only one, click on the trailer. How gorgeous is that?! Now, I think the trailer for Truth Be Told is pretty rad (if you’ve never seen it, you can find it here), but the Buglette trailer definitely gives it a run for its money.

In conclusion, fanfreakingtastic readers, buy this book. Why? Because it’s awesome, that’s why.

3 thoughts on “More Beautiful Things!

  1. Bethanie says:

    Carolyn, you are so funny! Thanks so, so much for this post. Looks like I’ll have to start work on a dark, wicked and grotesque project to balance all of this cute. 🙂

  2. Claiborne says:

    Agree – adorable. Baby Girl is indeed a messy sleeper. In the morning, it’s often hard to find her, covered as she is with blankets, stuffed animals and soft books, all squished into the corner of her crib. Sounds like she may need to hear from Buglette. Will add to her birthday wish list… Thanks!

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