Beautiful Things

Jack's friend, the moon.

I would like to bring all y’all’s attention to my friend’s blog. She prefers to remain anonymous, so I won’t say her name.

I just want to say that she’s been writing especially beautiful things as of late. I tend not to write beautiful things, it’s not so much my bag, but I do appreciate beautiful things, think all y’all should have beautiful things, and if I can’t provide them directly, I shall provide them indirectly.

And so, here it is. A truly fanfreakingtastic blog, The Reluctant Grownup.

And here is a sample tidbit, to whet your appetite:

It was dusk, the moon was three quarters full and bright bright bright. We walked in a 5 block square around our house, and the entire way, Jack conversed with the moon, playing both sides of the dialogue.

Jack as Jack: Hewwo moon! I get you! Chomp!

Jack as Moon: Hewwo, how you doing down there?

Jack as Jack: I doing good, how you doing?

Jack as Moon: I come see you, ok?

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