My Writing Place

The Rejectionist had a most brilliant idea – she would create a post about her writing spot whilst asking her readers to do likewise, who would put then link to their posts in her comments.

Where I am.



  • Kitten lounges upon the half-sized bookcase.
  • Mama Cat’s tail and back can be seen as she walks past.
  • Max looks down upon them all, framed above the bookcase. This picture of Max was given to me by my friend Tony. One of the best gifts I’ve ever received.
  • The empty trashcan sometimes contains Pumpkin, who has a special way of unceremoniously lumping his fatness face first into it, before settling into a curled heap at the bottom.


  • Outside my window is my bird feeder
  • Bird bath
  • Other bird feeder
  • Some pics had birds in them, but they were so blurry you couldn’t really tell what they were. Titmice, in case you were wondering. Or perhaps titmouses.


  • Beadboard walls are hard to paint. When we bought it the entire house, and I mean to say THE ENTIRE HOUSE – walls, trim, fireplace, light sockets, everything – was painted mint green.
  • The windows are the old fashioned kind with the rope pulleys.
  • The house directly across the street was recently gutted by fire. I look across and see the neighbor’s white cat, waiting. It will be good once the neighbor’s back and they are reunited.
  • I love our house. It is small and it is old and it is home.


  • That box and laptop bag are not usually to the left of my computer. I’m kinda annoyed they’re in the shot.
Close up

Up close and personal.


  • Mug of something hot. Not usually in a Scorpio cup. But I am a Scorpio.
  • Undealt with mail and miscellany piled to the left.
  • Space for sleeping cat to the right.
  • Prescription bottle of cat antibiotics.
  • Cheap, half-destroyed headphones. Expensive headphones destroyed by Pumpkin. Cheap headphones half-destroyed by Pumpkin.
  • Birds close at hand. Good for me, good for the cats. (Cat TV.)


Jadwiga, Mama Cat and Little Bastard, from many moons ago.

An old photo, perhaps 2005. Before Jadwiga died, before Little Bastard got sick, before Mama Cat got old. The whole family sitting on my desk, looking out the window.

11 thoughts on “My Writing Place

  1. TC says:

    What a neat spot to write! I’m inspired just looking at it. See? I’m writing!

    And that Tony sounds like quite the thoughtful guy.

  2. Casey Lybrand says:

    Those are some beautiful cats. That last photo is especially sweet.

    The view of the garden and bird feeder from your window is lovely. It seems like a wonderful, peaceful place to write. Your writing place is beautiful!

  3. Em says:

    I, too, have been pondering the titmouses/titmice question. I mean, I know what the dictionary says, but I haven’t decided what to say when I am alone with the cats. (It is a well-established fact that cats have trouble with irregular plurals.)

  4. Mags says:

    Awww, very cute. I know that place too! Hope Pumpkin feels better and can dump himself in the trashcan & destroy the other half of the headphones soon!

  5. Drue says:

    hey ! ! ! I think I have been there before . Damn it ! ! There is the cats that love me so much. Tell them I miss them .

  6. John says:

    It’s a nice little nook. I love the window; though, I think you deserve an upgrade on your hardware and a comfy chair.

  7. Becky says:

    I love this Carrie! I have such a beautiful image of you writing now, thank you! What a beautiful place :).

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