10 Pre-Resolutions at the Rejectionist’s Behest

This is a weird year for resolutions for me. I’m actually doing mostly what I want to be doing, so it’s really more a matter of keepin’ on keepin’ on. So – things I want to keep doing, plus a couple I’d like to add on:

1.) Continue the running. I’d gotten severely out of the habit, instead sticking to comfy confines of the gym/weightlifting. It’s nice that Evan and I are running together now. Good bonding time.

2.) Continue the gyming. I want to get my leg press up to something pretty rad by the end of the year. Definitely 600 lbs. but I think I might hit that relatively soon. Will revise to 700 if needed.

3.) Continue Operation: Woo Indie Bookstores. They don’t know I’m a writer yet. I just make this giant circuit, buying books from each store every couple of weeks or so. Once I am ensconced within their consciousness as an awesome customer I’ll be all, oh, I’m a writer, and then one day I’ll be like, and guess what? I totally have a book coming out, LET’S THROW ME A PARTY.

4.) Continue to improve web presence. Must overhaul Fanfreakingtastic. Must overhaul Truth Be Told site. Must create writerly website. Must force friends to subscribe in vast numbers. And by force I mean invite politely – no, wait, I really mean force.

5.) Continue learning. A.) about the craft and B.) about the business.

6.) Continue Operation: Karma. Example of Operation: Karma – on Friday I am going to a local author’s book signing.

And onto the new!

7.) Get back in the pool. Somewhere along the way swimming went out the window with the running. I miss the pool. I need to make time for it.

8.) Begin Operation: Woo Librarians. What with Operation: Woo Indie Bookstores I haven’t been to the library much. And by much I mean I’ve been there once, to get a library card. That I’ve never used. But I do have it in my wallet. If that counts for anything.

9.) I NEED TO LEARN HOW TO DO MY DAMN HAIR. I CAN’T CARRY ELIZABETH AROUND WITH ME, AFTER ALL. Although she is rather small. Conceivably it’d be easier to carry Elizabeth around with me than to learn how to make it do something OTHER THAN JUST LIE THERE, STICK STRAIGHT HIPPIE STYLE. UGH.

10.) Once I’m done with my next major revision I want to go on a for real vacation.

10 thoughts on “10 Pre-Resolutions at the Rejectionist’s Behest

  1. Carolyn says:

    Meine Julia! Gurlll, you wanna help with Operation: Woo Indie Bookstores, I’m all about gettin’ some help! PLUS – I miss you, too! Holidays. They consume. ALSO TOO – plz bring black blazer plus kabuki eyebrows to Dec 10 photoshoot for epic radness. That is all.

  2. Julia says:

    I want to start swimming again, too! Meet me for laps on a regular basis, por favor?

    I think I can help with the hair, too. And possibly with Operation: Woo Indie Bookstores, mostly because I want to be associated with an operation that has such a rad-ass name.

    P.S. I have my black blazer ready if you need moral support from fake-Miss J.
    P.P.S. I miss you.

  3. the rejectionist says:

    #3 is serious genius. You do not even understand how hard the indie bookseller will work for you if s/he loves you.

  4. Carolyn says:

    Gill – I actually dig the make-up. I think it’s like painting/drawing, which I also like. But hair is like sculpture. It’s in three dimensions. And my brain’s like, NOooooooOOOOooooo…. It’s similar to the math NOoooooOOOOooooooo…..

  5. Gillian says:

    Jack wants to go on your vacation with you.

    Also, I am with you on #9. Perhaps there is a class we can take? How am I 32 years old and still clueless on the hair and makeup front?

  6. Carolyn says:

    Booper, I bet you can guess. I shan’t shame myself with a public outing of my juvenile tastes. Well, I shan’t until I finally get around to writing a blog post about why Mickey Mouse is like an abusive boyfriend.

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